Chiba Real Estate

Chiba Real Estate is the English service division for a long established and respected real estate company, Yokoo Juhan of Mobara city, Chiba-ken.

A licensed Japanese real estate agent, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and English speaker, Rie Yamazaki can help you bridge the substantial gaps that face English speaking clients interested buying property in Chiba. Our primary focus is the outer Boso area surrounding Isumi, Onjuku, Ichinomiya, Mobara, across to Ichihara.

We provide English services, guidance, and support to help you find the home or property of your dreams. The Japanese real estate world is filled with cultural and business landmines. Working with us will open up opportunities to find the type of property that meets all of your requirements.

From near knock downs to turnkey beauties, all types of homes are available at still reasonable prices in Boso. It’s a matter of meeting with us, trusting us, and sharing with us your dream situation. Then we will search with your vision of your future home.



Company Profile

Company Name YOKOO JUHAN Co.,Ltd.
Company Website
Lisence Number Chiba Prefecture Governor (7) 11636
Address 187 Takashi, Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture 297-0029
Tel 0475-22-1371 (Toll-free: 0120-261-375)
Established 1991
Company Owner Toshinori Yokoo
Capital 10 million yen
Number of employees 5
Closed Business Wednesday